National Security Scheme

The University of Murcia has the certificate of conformity with the National Security Scheme (ENS) which regulates Information Security in the Public Sector.

Consequently, a complete regulatory framework on security has been established, structured by levels and embodied in different standards and procedures. For ease of reference and downloading, the rules of general nature and public dissemination of this regulatory framework are listed below.

Information security policy

Document approved by the Governing Council on March 2, 2012 and modified by the Governing Council on November 16, 2018, the purpose of which is to lay the foundations of reliability on the University of Murcia's information systems in conformity with the provisions of the National Scheme of Security.

Services terms of use

Rules to abide by when using information resources and services of the University of Murcia, approved in the session of the Governing Council on 11/29/2019.

Email terms of use

Technical standard for the protection of the corporate email service of the University of Murcia.

Safety procedures
The rest of the security procedures and resources can be found at the following link.


The certification was carried out by Audertis SA, a company recognized as an accredited entity. The University of Murcia is also registered in the certified public sector registry.