Identification and security of the Electronic Office

The identification of the Electronic Office will be carried out by means of an electronic signature system based on an electronic certificate contained in a secure device. This certificate identifies the domain of the Electronic Office ( and is registered under the name of the University of Murcia. The information contained in such certificate is as follows:

Sede electrónica de la Universidad de Murcia The electronic seal is valid
Period of validity
From Saturday, 6 April 2024 at 02:05:06
until Sunday, 29 December 2024 at 15:53:07

The verification of the validity of the certificate of an Electronic Office can be carried out through the VALIDe platform of the Government of Spain.

The authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of the communications established between a citizen and the e-Office Portal of the University of Murcia will be guaranteed through the use of the Secure Connection Layer Protocol (SSL). In order to assure high availability, the configuration of the computer systems and telecommunication infrastructures that make up the Electronic Office of the University of Murcia will be provided with equipment that ensures the continuity of the electricity supply. Firewall systems will be applied and access will be restricted to the room where these systems are located.

Unique identification code
Certification service provider that issues the certificate
ID of the Electronic Office
Period of validity
From until
Certificate usage limits
Certificate fingerprint
Checking the certificate revocation status CRL OCSP