Supported identification and signature systems

To whom it may concern, described below are the electronic services published in the e-Office Portal of the University of Murcia accepted as identification and signature systems.

Systems based on recognized or qualified electronic certificates

The University of Murcia accepts, as an identification and as a signature system, those systems based on either recognized or qualified electronic certificates, and issued by certification service providers included in the lists published both in the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce website, at national level, as well as in the European Commission lists, at European level.

Systems based on concerted keys

UM account

The University of Murcia accepts, as an identification system, the system based on the institutional email address and its associated password, for individuals who, due to a pre-existing legal relationship with the University of Murcia, have a corporate email account

This identification system also qualifies as a signature system, under the name 'Signature System with UM Account', in compliance with the provisions of the resolutions of the General Secretariat: SG-18/2019 (July 18, 2019) and SG-18/2022 (July 27, 2022), which modifies the previous one.


Cl@ve is a system aimed at unifying and simplifying citizens' electronic access to public services of the different public sector entities. Its main objective is for citizens to identify themselves before any Administration by means of 'concerted passwords' (username and password systems), without having to remember different passwords to access the different services.

The University of Murcia admits Cl@ve as an identification system and has registration offices to facilitate registration in the system of the university community.