Identification with UM account

What does it consist of?

System based on the corporate email address of the University of Murcia ( and its associated password. This email address, with a domain owned by the University of Murcia, is provided by the University of Murcia to all members that join the community.

This identification system is also admitted as a signature system in accordance with the provisions of the SG-18/2019 , of July 18, 2019, of the General Secretary.

Who is it for?

For the members of any of the following collectives:

  • Students.
  • Public employees of the University of Murcia: Teaching and Research Staff (PDI) as well as Administration and Services Staff (PAS).
  • Other groups (graduates, visiting staff, etc.) that have some kind of active relationship with the University of Murcia that entitles them to have a corporate email account.

How can I get it?

  • Students: when enrolling for the first time.
  • Public employees of the University of Murica (PDI and PAS): when staring the service they were assigned to.
  • Visiting personnel: the account must be requested through the temporary email account registration procedure by:
    • Administration and Services Personnel (PAS) who hold the position of Head of Service Area.
    • Teaching and Research Staff (PDI) who hold an academic position, are coordinators of a master's degree or are lead investigators in a research project.
  • Other groups: it requires the explicit consent of the General Secretariat of the University of Murcia.

If in doubt it is possible to make a request through the ATICA User Support Center, from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. through any of the means described below:

How can I use it?

Entering the corporate email address and its associated password.