Document validator

Enter a CSV To verify that a hard copy is valid, enter the secure verification code (CSV) and click the button to Validate.
What is the Secure Verification Code (CSV) and where to find it?

The secure verification code (CSV) is a 32-character alphanumeric string, separated by hyphens every 8 characters to make it easier to read. It's purpose is to uniquely identify each administrative document signed and filed by the University of Murcia.

By comparing this code with one that appears in the original electronic document kept at the e-Office of the University of Murcia, we can guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the electronic copy, whether on paper or electronic format.

The CSV is located at the bottom of each page of the document that constitutes the electronic copy, preceded by the label ‘Secure verification code’

Example of where the CSV is located in the document

Depending on the level of protection of the document to be validated, additional information located in the electronic copy itself may be required.